Construction Augmented Reality in Construction

The construction job site is changing. Augmented reality or AR will soon become an integral part of any construction process. Having joined the transformation, Leora is already working on several augmented reality solutions, incorporating virtual elements into the real surroundings.

Faster and more efficient construction process with AR

Looking for innovative methods to streamline your building project? Now you can see, experience and comprehend the world around you in 3D. Augmented reality is incredibly useful for solving everyday problems. Perform as built vs as designed validation and reconstruct 3D models, allowing users to virtually see the building’s progress against its schedule. The platform is revolutionizing one of the oldest professions in the world and is available for smart phones and tablets.

  • Automatic hazard detection
  • As-built vs. as-designed validation in AR
  • 3D site reconstruction in AR
  • Teleoperation and collaboration in AR

As-build vs As-designed validation

From 3D AR reconstructions in real time to AR clash detection, transforms the construction process to help you achieve the highest level of engineering precision. In continuous progress monitoring, use AR to detect and eliminate errors earlier — by comparing as-built models with the designed 4D BIM representations. Most importantly, augmented reality in construction presents an unparalleled way to explore the construction site from all sides, down to the smallest detail.

  • AR progress monitoring
  • Explore construction site in AR
  • Clash detections in AR

3D Site Reconstruction

Use augmented reality construction solutions to combine on-site sensors with images from photo and video cameras. Then, allow the BIM managers to extract structural information in real time and digitally reconstruct the site for further detailed analysis and simulation.

  • Structure from motion pipeline
  • As-built measurements
  • Digital twin representations
  • Photogrammetry

Automatic hazard detection

Enhance safety monitoring with advanced imaging algorithms that continuously monitor the state of all critical infrastructures and temporal equipment movements, as well as send emergency notifications to the wearable devices carried by the field staff. The use of augmented reality in construction goes beyond headsets.

  • Probabilistic models for risk assessments
  • Temporal objects tracking
  • Tracking objects from video cameras
  • Integrated wearables

Teleoperation and collaboration

The decentralization of the design and architecture services across the nation unlocked the creative potential for owners and made it possible to work with the leading service providers. Such level of decentralization requires new tools and approaches in collaboration. Allowing to operate remotely and respond more rapidly on different stages of the construction process, AR comes as a fitting solution.

  • Remote meetings over BIM models in AR
  • Remote guidance for field workers in AR
  • Virtual presence on-site
  • Instant assistance

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