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E-commerce has revolutionized the way companies are doing business. With increasing need of E-commerce industry, every businessman is looking to have an online store to sell their product and services. We are dedicated E-commerce software solutions to make your business awesome! Create new opportunities for your business and for your customers with the help of our specialized softwares. Transform your shopping experience with an engaging mobile app or improve your operations with the help of a compendious enterprise software suite.

Marketing Automation

We provide advanced insights and analytics to help clients render personalized services and enhance engagement with the customers. Reach out to your customers and drive foot traffic to your store with an engaging branded application made through a low-code mobile platform. Update your app on-the-fly and use far reaching analytics to learn more about your users, automate your mobile marketing, and engage customers with targeted push notifications.

  • Geolocation & Navigation
  • Gamification
  • Content Management
  • Push Notifications
  • Social Networking

Engage Mobile Users

As a business owner, you want to grow your business and attract new audiences. E-commerce will help your brand get more awareness in the online landscape. Merge the best features of your in-store and online shopping experience in one place – i.e your customers’ mobile phones. With this you have the ability to track your customers’ buying habits and reach different market segments.

  • Augmented Reality
  • Geofenced Messaging
  • In-Store Navigation
  • Custom Features
  • Recipe Shopping

Turn Data Into Revenue

With over a decade of experience in software development, Leora team can help you develop a comprehensive software solution that caters to the needs and demands of your business. Our experienced E-commerce and retail industry software experts ensure increased customer engagement, maximizing the business potential of the clients. From warehouse management and logistics suites to POS software—your imagination is the only limit.

  • POS
  • Smart Design
  • Big Data Analytics
  • IoT
  • Training Software

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