We offer maintenance software for the hospitality industry! Your hotel is an idiosyncratic operation that requires robust system tools supported by an experienced technology partner. Create an accompanying app to make your guests’ stay even more comfortable with our seamless technology. Use the application to keep your guests informed on latest news, provide booking information, run a tour of your rooms, and introduce your staff.

Connect with Your Guests

Leora’s hospitality software supports all critical hotel operations on an integrated platform. Keeps your guests informed about the events and activities at your resort with spot-on push-notifications and geofencenced messaging. Present the upcoming seaside dinner for two, wine tastings, and other unique events right in your app - informing your guests and letting them make bookings straight away… right within the application.

  • Special Offers
  • Social Media
  • Geofenced Messaging
  • Push Notifications
  • Events
  • News

Surpass Service Expectations

We offer an integrated, scalable technology to streamline the customer experience by assembling all the services of your resort in a single app. From ordering janitor services in one tap to booking a golf course in less than a minute, a branded app will let your guests to make the most of the recreational experience at your resort.

  • Smart Rooms (Internet of Things)
  • Guest Services
  • Trips & Sports Activities
  • Navigation & Transportation
  • Spa Services
  • Restaurant Booking

Get Insights Into Guest Behaviour

Leora offers a solution suite that addresses all the hotel operations from arrival through departure. Use the clean, comprehensive dashboard and CMS to get a complete view of your guests’ behavior. Learn who’s coming back to your resort with in-app check-ins. See how guest react to newly implemented ideas and the work of your staff by means of polling and actionable analytics. Set up an inviting in-app message board to get instant, spot-on feedback from your guests.

  • Big Data
  • Advanced Analytics
  • App Check-ins
  • Staff Statistics

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