Fintech FinTech & Blockchain Solutions

Today, finance processes are becoming increasingly complex, harder to co-ordinate, track and execute. Both customers and employees of financial companies expect to leverage softwares with consistency and primary advantages to make their daily operations easier. Leora specializes in creating software solutions that make it possible on any scale.

Transform Your Business With Cloud Technology

Blockchain Solutions

Build secure decentralized systems using blockchain-based ledgers, identity solutions, custom tokens and smart contracts.

Payment Processing

Expand your payment options by accepting cryptocurrencies with Blockchain API.

Digital Wallets

Send and receive payments from blockchain-based wallets and let your users load and redeem funds.

Cross-Border Payments

Send cheaper and faster payments to your beneficiaries around the globe, 24/7.

Trading & Securities

Reduce costs, minimize complexity, and increase the speed of trading and settlement processes.


Create blockchain-based P2P and SME lending platforms to scale your business.

Blockchain Financial Technology

Blockchain is a new age technology which can reframe many operations in the financial sector. It has the potential to transform the traditional business models and revolutionize the existing system. At Leora, we provide you with the latest solutions, specially designed to meet your blockchain needs. From a private blockchain network to a successful ICO—we are capable of delivering the most technologically advanced projects.

  • ICO launch support
  • Cryptocurrency operations
  • Smart contracts
  • Identity management

Payment Processing

We make payments happen by providing bespoke technical integration for all players of the payment processing ecosystem, including merchants, issuers, acquirers, and payment gateways. Any business that accepts payments in a method other than cash can benefit from our payment processing software. Try all our payment processing features and get more loyal customers by embracing cryptocurrencies as a method of payment.

  • PSP backend system integration
  • Payment gateway and API
  • Transaction Processing support
  • Legacy Systems upgrade

Digital Wallets

Provide your customers with secure and reliable digital payment options for their everyday financial life. Let them exchange funds and pay on the go, including moving money in and out of their digital wallets, bank, and social media accounts. Our digital wallet is a solution for several businesses including banks, retailers and telecom service providers offering a secure, feature-rich, convenient payment experience to the customers.

  • P2P payments
  • Digital Money Transfer
  • Digital Payments
  • In-app currency

Cross-border Payment

Cross border payments take longer and are more expensive to process. But not anymore! We offer you the most up-to-date transfer systems software to send funds to the beneficiary accounts around the world and ensure timely payouts in multiple currencies. Add new payout partners, currencies, and countries and ensure fast processing as well as accurate reporting.

  • Platform upgrades
  • Core banking system integration
  • Third-party API integration
  • Settlement and Reconciliation

Trading & Securities

Finding trading systems software that suits your requirements is easy with Leora. Leverage the latest technological improvements for your trading and security business ventures with us. Be it Mobile stock tracking, AI-assisted trading automation, blockchain based smart contracts, and digital assistance in brokerage and logistics tracking- We can help you develop a dynamic software solution that caters to the individual needs of your business.

  • Securities Trading
  • Digital Brokerage
  • Blockchain Ledgers
  • AI and Automation

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